MERGE is a group of DIGITAL ASSET EVENTS with a focus on current trends in a holistic manner, and different technologies, segments, and sectors.  MERGE attendees, speakers, and sponsors can audit different but adjacent technology disciplines and build meaningful ROLODEX DIVERSITY while exploring new regions of opportunity.

MERGE will take place within the entirety of the Grand Ballroom space at the Hilton Lake Buena Vista, located in Orlando, Florida.

Registered attendees will be treated to a variety of content that comes from the different shows and events and group meetings that are occurring during MERGE, as well as keynotes, panels and networking activities.

Interested in sponsoring? There are some last-minute options available.

Meanwhile, check out MERGE.SHOW for more information, and stay tuned!

[Please note, Schedule may be subject to small changes]
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Marcos Sanz Grossón

Head of R&D
Marcos Sanz Grossón is responsible for R&D at DENIC eG, the managing
organization of Germany’s country-code top level domain .de. He's been
working in the domain industry for close to twenty years, ten of which
he's served in parallel as honorary chairman of the CENTR (Council of
European National Top-Level Domain Registries) Technical Working Group.
Among his areas of interest are software security and usability and
anything at the crossroads with DNS, like IDNs, DNSSEC, DANE and SSO. He is active in the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), where he's co-authored a number of RFCs, and is currently the chairman of the ID4me Technical Working Group.

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