MERGE is a group of DIGITAL ASSET EVENTS with a focus on current trends in a holistic manner, and different technologies, segments, and sectors.  MERGE attendees, speakers, and sponsors can audit different but adjacent technology disciplines and build meaningful ROLODEX DIVERSITY while exploring new regions of opportunity.

MERGE will take place within the entirety of the Grand Ballroom space at the Hilton Lake Buena Vista, located in Orlando, Florida.

Registered attendees will be treated to a variety of content that comes from the different shows and events and group meetings that are occurring during MERGE, as well as keynotes, panels and networking activities.

Interested in sponsoring? There are some last-minute options available.

Meanwhile, check out MERGE.SHOW for more information, and stay tuned!

[Please note, Schedule may be subject to small changes]
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Wilfried Ligthart

Digital Blacksmith and Co-owner of Netevents
Wilfried Ligthart (49) is using marketing successful almost his whole life. After a Master in Finance and a Master in Communication, he worked for years as a CEO in a multi-million dollar Media Company. In 2016 he started his own company: Online Media Partner. He soon saw that the world today is making a gigantic shift in how people live their lives and conduct business. Something which has seen a large shift is Media. Traditional means of conducting a Media Company has totally changed in only a few years’ time. As an entrepreneur you need to adjust.
In 2017 he reached, with only 6 medium Facebook pages, more than 2 billion people on a $ 10K ad spend.  In 2018 he teamed up with Norm Farrar (aka the beard guy) and together they own Netevents Inc.
As Digital Blacksmiths they are communication experts that create communities around brands from rough data and keywords, using tools to hammer, bend, and cut online retailers to create reach, engagement, brand awareness, leads, and sales.
Digital Blacksmiths because: 
  • Our craft is made by hand, our digital craftsmanship requires diversity, risk, personal taste, mastery and respect for materials (no black hat)
  • We are not afraid to make our hands dirty. 
  • As craftsmen, we have years of experience and awesome stories to tell
  • We combine both traditional and digital designing processes to create a tailor-made style of work
  • We explore, experiment and create ideas in a way competitors never thought possible
In a world where each advertising services firm says they “perform” in social media, Netevents leads the way, using a group of dozens of full-time employees. We work around the world, supplying our customers with a depth of knowledge that’s unmatched.

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